Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce Nulled 2.1.1


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Tired of a boring registration form? Spice it up with WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields and gather valuable customer data to skyrocket your sales.


Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce Nulled

Supercharge Your WooCommerce Registration with Custom Fields (and Stop Annoying Your Customers)

Let’s face it, the default WooCommerce registration form is about as exciting as watching paint dry. It collects the bare minimum information and leaves you with very little to work with when it comes to understanding your customers.

But fear not, SEO warriors! There’s a powerful weapon in your arsenal: the WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields extension. This bad boy lets you add all sorts of extra fields to your registration form, so you can finally gather the intel you need to personalize the customer experience and boost sales.

Imagine this: you can ask customers about their favorite products, preferred communication channels (email, text, carrier pigeon?), or even their dog’s name (for super creepy personalization, but hey, it works for some!). Just kidding (mostly) about the dog’s name, but you get the idea.


Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce Nulled

Here’s the real magic of this plugin:

  • Multiple Choice Mania: Dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons – you name it, this plugin can handle it. No more forcing your customers to squeeze complex information into a tiny text field.
  • Conditional Champs: Want to keep your registration form clean and clutter-free? Show additional fields only when specific options are selected. This keeps things user-friendly and avoids overwhelming your customers.
  • B2B Bonanza: Running a B2B store? No problem! This plugin can handle both regular and B2B customer registrations. You can even create different fields for different user roles, so you can collect the specific information you need from each customer type.
  • Role Model Behavior: Let your customers choose their own destiny (well, at least their user role) during registration. You can display a dropdown menu with all available user roles, or just show specific ones.
  • Auto-Pilot Approvals (or Not): Streamline your workflow by automatically approving new users, or take manual control to validate B2B customers before they can start shopping.


Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce Nulled

But wait, there’s more!

  • Field Feast: Spoil yourself with a whopping 19 different field types, including text, text areas, email, file uploads, and even a date picker (because who wants to remember what day it is anymore?).
  • My Account Makeover: All that juicy customer data will be displayed on their “My Account” page for easy reference. You can even decide whether to let them edit the information or keep it read-only to avoid any confusion.
  • Admin All-Seeing Eye: Keep track of all your customer data from the admin dashboard. You can view and edit field data if needed, so you have all the information at your fingertips.
  • Email Engagement on Autopilot: Never leave your customers hanging! The plugin automatically sends email notifications to both you and your customers to keep them updated on registration and approval status.


Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce Nulled

Stop Wasting Time with a Boring Registration Form!

The WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields extension is a game-changer for any online store owner who wants to collect valuable customer data and create a more personalized shopping experience. So ditch the vanilla registration form and give your customers the rockstar treatment they deserve (and maybe avoid asking about their pet’s name).


Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce Nulled

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use these fields on the checkout page?

Unfortunately, no. This plugin focuses on adding fields to the registration form. If you enabled registrations during checkout, the fields will appear under the “account creation” section, but not in the billing, shipping, or payment sections.

2. Can I collect order-specific information during checkout?

No, these fields are for one-time registration purposes. Once a customer fills them out, they won’t be prompted again for future purchases as a registered user.

3. Can I show custom fields in order emails?

Yes! You can choose to display specific or all custom fields in both the admin order detail page and the order emails sent to you and your customers.


Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce Nulled

4. Does this work with other user role plugins?

Absolutely! The WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields extension plays nicely with other user role extensions, allowing seamless integration.

5. Can I translate the field labels for different languages?

Yes, you can! This plugin is WPML compatible, so you can easily translate the field labels to cater to your multilingual audience.

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Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce Nulled

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