Product Catalog Feed Pro 5.4.3


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Product Catalog Feed Pro | auto-updated XML feeds for Facebook Product Catalogs (Dynamic Product Ads, Facebook Shops, Instagram), Google Merchant, and Pinterest Catalogs – PixelYourSite

Struggling with product feed management for your WooCommerce store? Discover how Product Catalog Feed Pro by PremiumDigitalDL can streamline the process and boost your advertising performance.


Product Catalog Feed Pro

Product Catalog Feed Pro: Centralise your product listings to all our platforms (by PremiumDigitalDL)

Sick of having to upload your product list to all your Advertising platform manually? Are you squandering valuable time on customizing data formatting to meet individual platform specifications? Enter Product Catalog Feed Pro! Making product feed management and optimization easier, this premium plugin offers to save time and enhance marketing efficiency.


What do you mean by Product Catalog Feed Pro?

This is something that does not come with your native WordPress, this, my friends, is a WordPress Plugin called Product Catalog Feed Pro – which is perfectly fit for your WooCommerce store! It makes the creation and management of product feeds for different marketing channels such as:

  • Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Pinterest Buyable Pins
  • TikTok Ads
  • And many more!


Product Catalog Feed Pro

Key Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Unlimited Products & Feeds Manage any number of products and create multiple feeds for different platforms.
Advanced Mapping & Filtering Match your product data perfectly to each platform’s requirements with granular control.
Rule-Based Product Selection Include or exclude products based on specific criteria for targeted marketing campaigns.
Automatic Feed Updates Schedule automatic feed updates to ensure your listings are always fresh.
Pixel & Conversion API Integration Simplify tracking and attribution with seamless integration of tracking pixels and conversion APIs.
Multicurrency Support Sell globally with support for multiple currencies in your product feeds.


Product Catalog Feed Pro

Product Catalog Feed Pro Advantages

  • Saves time and effort through automating product feed creation and management.
  • Higher the accuracy of information, better the advertisement performs.
  • Good for different advertising platforms
  • Advanced targeting and filtering for strategic campaigns
  • Integration with leading tracking tools.

Cons of Product Catalog Feed Pro

  • Requires WordPress website with WooCommerce installed.
  • Features: A few advanced features are not beginner friendly.


Product Catalog Feed Pro

Final Verdict

No matter what level of a WooCommerce store owner you are this plugin, Product Catalog Feed Pro, is an awesome way to take the headache out of managing your product feeds and thus leading to a more streamlined marketing approach. Product Catalog Feed Pro allows you to automate this process ending up getting more eyeballs and better conversion through your marketing efforts. We at PremiumDigitalDL, amongst many other WooCommerce optimization solutions, labor to bring you Product Catalog FeedPro. Contact Product Catalog Feed Pro by PremiumDigitalDL and take your ecommerce store to the next level today. Read more


Product Catalog Feed Pro


Is Product Catalog Feed Pro Free? There is also a limited free version of the software available. Paid version with all described functionalities by PremiumDigitalDL.

Is knowledge of any coding required to use Product Catalog Feed Pro? Rules are also not requiring to make by you, It is built user-friendly, the same goes to Product Catalog Feed Pro as well.

Which type of support provides by PremiumDigitalDL for Product Catalog Feed Pro? With PremiumDigitalDL you also get full support for Product Catalog Feed Pro, with detailed documentation and video tutorials, as well as email support.

What with product feed management for WooCommerce? With PremiuDigitalDLs Product Catalog Feed Pro, this process is automated for you, which saves you time and boosts your marketing efficiency. Learn more today!

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Product Catalog Feed Pro has been updated to 5.4.3

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