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Inspired from: PremiumDigitalDL Barn2 – Make your WooCommerce shop private

More and more WooCommerce users are looking to create a private store to offer a feeling of exclusivity. Meet the Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store by PremiumDigitalDL, a user-friendly plugin that gives you the power to turn your WooCommerce store into a members-only club, ideal for B2B transactions, wholesale deals, and even exclusive product launches. As a trusted WooCommerce development company, we know the importance of limited access, right here at PremiumDigitalDL. Through this article, you are going to get every piece of information by which you can make use of the


Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store

Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store plugin at its highest level

Showcase Your Entire WooCommerce Store: Add a single password or multiple passwords to protect your complete store. Upon entering the correct password, customers can access customer-centric compartments, meaning no awkward entry process. The newest feature in this release is Granular User Role Management: Beyond Passwords! Lock your store such as user roles or logged-in users, etc., and make it feel like you are registered processed – providing a smooth buying experience for actual users who are allowed to buy. Disable selected WooCommerce parts: With the help of Barn2 it is possible to easily “disappear” entire pages created by WooCommerce, like the shop, all product sites or maybe the categories. A simple setting allows you to further personalize the tool by hiding any other pages from your WordPress site too for total control.


Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store

Here’s a table summarizing the key features and benefits:

Feature Benefit
Password Protection Simple setup for basic access control.
User Role Management Granular control over who can access the store.
Comprehensive Page Control Ensures only authorized users see your products.
Easy Integration Seamlessly integrates with your existing WooCommerce store.
User-Friendly Interface Straightforward configuration for a smooth experience.


Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store

Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store Pros

  • Improved Security: This keeps your important products limited only to customers.
  • Better Customer Experience: It gives the store a sense of uniqueness.
  • B2B Ready: Suitable for B2B organization for managing wholesale transactions or B2B sales.
  • Product Launch Control: Perfect for product launches.
  • Minimal Setup: Simple install and quick set-up process.


  • Limited Functionality: Deals with private store functionality only.
  • User registration workflows etc.: MAY NEED EXTRA PLUGINS


Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store

Conclusion With the Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store

you can create a private webshop safely and privately. From B2B order processing to limited edition product launches and beyond, this plugin gives you the precise tools you need to take the reins. WooCommerce has control over you by hiding it behind your private store, do you want to make any of the access available for everyone? Get in touch with PremiumDigitalDL now! As WooCommerce development specialists, we can easily handle the plugin for you and integrate everything seamlessly into your existing website so that your customers will barely even notice.


Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store

Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store plugin FAQs

How easy is the plugin to use? No! Kadence Blocks has a streamlined interface that makes the setup and configuration of your page elements a piece of cake.

But does the plugin even provide free support? With the purchase you get basic support from Barn2. Get in touch with PremiumDigital solutions for expert help Customization Premium WooCommerce Development squad Control Panel

Can I Different User Access Levels? Barn2 does not provide this feature, but if you use their plugin PremiumDigitalDL, you can add more plugins for user access tiers.


Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store

Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store | Completely hide your WooCommerce store from the public. Unlock for logged in users or with a secret password. Perfect for wholesale or private members areas

Harness the Potential of Private Shopping with Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store by PremiumDigitalDL. Limit User Access, Change User Roles, Create A Secure B2B Environment In Your WooCommerce Store. Contact us today!

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Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store has been updated to 1.7.6

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