Advanced Themer for Bricks 2.6.4


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Advanced Themer for Bricks | levels up your efficiency in building websites with Bricks – Maxime Beguin

Unlock the full potential of Bricks Builder with Advanced Themer from PremiumDigitalDL. Streamline your workflow, gain design control, and craft stunning websites efficiently. Explore features, benefits, and more!


Advanced Themer for Bricks

Get The Most Out Of Bricks Builder: Advanced Themer by PremiumDigitalDL

Bricks Builder is a great way to improve the design of your WordPress site and make it look and function as you want. Or, maybe your desire for control over your theme design just can’t be quenched that easily? Advanced Themer fills that gap developed by PremiumDigitalDL to provide you with the supercharger for your design workflow in tangent with Bricks Builder.

How it makes You Stronger:

Effortless Theming: Build a consistent theme for your website in just a few seconds with dynamic colors, one-click shade generation, and a native dark mode toggle.

Rapidly Customizable: Forget the editor -> stylesheet endless cycle. Doing this directly in Bricks builder will save you hours of time and it is possible with their Advanced Themer.

Advanced Grids: Take your layouts beyond basic grids with Advanced Themer’s powerful layout options. Create advanced Bento style grids or build responsive layouts using a simpler API for all breakpoints.

BEM-tastic Classes – Locally scope your styles properly using the class converter baked into Advanced Themer which follows the popular industry standard, BEM.


Advanced Themer for Bricks

Table: Facts and Figures at a Glance

Feature Benefit
Dynamic Colors Create themes that adapt and flow seamlessly.
One-Click Shade Generation Generate perfect color variations for your palette in seconds.
Built-in Dark Mode Toggle Offer a user-friendly dark mode experience effortlessly.
Direct Style Editing Edit styles within Bricks Builder, streamlining your workflow.
Advanced Grid Layouts Design complex and responsive layouts with ease.
BEM Class Converter Maintain clean and organized code with industry-standard practices.


Advanced Themer for Bricks

The Good, the Better, and the Advanced


  • Increase your website theming by orders of magnitude.
  • Enables full control over design components.
  • Easier to Conquer More Difficult Issues such as Grid Layouts.
  • Improved Code Organization and Maintainability.


  • Purchased separately from Bricks Builder.
  • Possibly not beginner-friendly due to the learning curve.


Advanced Themer for Bricks

Conclusion: Advanced Themer is a Must-Have

For anyone using Bricks Builder to build sites and create professional websites, Advanced Themer would be a crucial add-on. That makes your process a little smoother, gives you access to a wider range of design choices, and ensures that your site looks great no matter the device. The folks at PremiumDigitalDL are particularly strong advocates for Advanced Themer. We’ve seen it enable designers to design beautiful sites very quickly.


Advanced Themer for Bricks


Do I have to know CSS to use Advanced Themer? Advanced Themer provides a modern and well-thought-out user interface that removes almost all CSS knowledge requirements while still allowing manual theming if necessary.

So HERE is the big question – Will Advanced Themer work with my Bricks Builder themes? Absolutely! ANd Advanced Themer Integration with Existing Bricks Builder Installation Full Integration with Bricks Builder Advanced Themer for Bricks Builder by PremiumDigitalDL Streamline your workflow, create stunning themes, and build more powerful websites than you ever thought possible.

premiumdigitaldl - 2024-06-11

Advanced Themer for Bricks has been updated to 2.6.4

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