Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections 1.2.21


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Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections | Make your long forms easier to navigate by grouping them into collapsible sections and increase your form conversion. Easily group your Gravity Forms fields into accordion-style sections – JetSloth

A guide on how to collapse Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections. PremiumDigitalDL creates long forms easier, increases conversions, and makes your website more user-friendly.


Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections

Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections by PremiumDigitalDL

Lengthy forms can make the hair on the back of any website visitor’s neck stand. But have no fear, fellow form-wrangling friends! Gravity Forms offers collapsible sections. PremiumDigitalDL, a fantastic interaction and design studio, plumbs the depths of this feature to teach you how to transform your behemoth forms into something user-friendly and beautiful.


Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections

Benefits of Collapsible Sections

Feature Advantage
Enhanced User Experience Breaks down lengthy forms into manageable sections, making them less intimidating to complete.
Improved Conversions Streamlined forms lead to higher completion rates.
Logical Organization Group related fields together for a more intuitive flow.
Reduced Scrolling Users can focus on the relevant section, minimizing scrolling fatigue.


Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections

Collapsible Sections in Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms doesn’t have native collapsible sections. But fret not! PremiumDigitalDL has it covered. There are two options to get this functionality:

Gravity Forms Add-ons: Several add-ons offer collapsible sections (free and paid). These add-ons provide a modern, user-friendly interface to set your section settings and styling options.

Custom Code: For power users or those seeking complete control, custom code can be implemented to create collapsible sections. This method requires more technical expertise.


Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections

Weighing the Options

Method Pros Cons
Add-ons Easy to use, often with additional features May incur costs, potential compatibility issues
Custom Code Complete control, highly customizable Requires development expertise, time-consuming

PremiumDigitalDL’s Insights

While collapsible sections can be a godsend, they need to be used judiciously. Here are some insights from the UX gurus at PremiumDigitalDL:

  • Default Collapse: Keep sections collapsed by default, allowing users to open only the relevant sections.
  • Clear Labeling: Use descriptive headers for each section to guide users.
  • Recommended Defaults: Auto-fill some portions based on user interest to save time.


Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections


Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections are a game-changer for long forms. Implement them intelligently to create user-friendly forms that improve conversions and keep visitors happy.


Do I need a paid add-on for collapsible sections?
No, free add-ons exist. However, premium add-ons often offer more features and customization options.

Can I add custom styling to the collapsible sections?
Yes, with add-ons or custom code, you can style the sections to match your website’s design.

Ready to Tame Those Forms?

PremiumDigitalDL can help you leverage Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections to create exceptional user experiences. Contact us today and let’s transform your forms!

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Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections has been updated to 1.2.21

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